Hand Embroidery

Posted by Donna on Jun 19th 2019

Hand embroidery is also a traditional needlework craft. Hand embroidery projects consist of a design stamped in outline form on a piece of fabric that is tightly woven. Different elements of the design are filled in or outlined with different stitches in different colors.

Learning hand embroidery stitches takes some time and practice, but the results are gorgeous! Plus, there are plenty of resources online and in books that teach hand embroidery.

Typically you can find hand embroidery kits in the form of quilt blocks, pillowcases, napkins, tablecloths, table toppers, and other household items. Sometimes simple hand embroidery stitches are incorporated into some complex counted cross stitch designs to add additional texture and detail.

Unfortunately, wall art hand embroidery kits are not as plentiful as they were in the past. But plenty of designs can be found to be transferred to the fabric of your choice. plus, there are plenty of colors and types of floss available for making a project unique to your taste!