Order a Custom Pattern

We can do a custom pattern of your photo or personal artwork that you own the copyright too. The cost to do a custom pattern is $40. If you would like a custom pattern done, please send an email to with an attachment of your photo or personal artwork. We want to see the picture quality and determine if a quality pattern can be done before we charge you for the work. Some photos are just too dark or may be to blurry to be converted into a quality pattern.

Once we determine if we can go ahead with the custom pattern, you will receive a PayPal invoice for $40.

We request that you tell us what fabric count you want to use, the approximate size you’d like the finished pattern to be, and approximately how many colors you want the pattern to use. We request no more than 100 colors be used in your pattern.

The pattern will be delivered to you in PDF format. If you’d like a paper copy, there will be a small up charge to cover printing and postage costs.

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